May 122016

Beanie Knit Hat – Premium Wool Blend – designed by CacheAlaska

I decided to review this cap because I’m tired of my head getting cold even with my hood.  When I put my Beanie on (as they call it) as gramma would say, “Snug as a bug in a rug”!  I like the extra-soft fleece band around the cuff on the inside of my cap.  It’s a tad stretchy, therefore it fits my big head just fine.   It keeps my head very comfortable.  Not to hot, not too cool.  Just right!  I am totally satisfied with my decision.

Then hubby walked in, and saw my cap!  I snatched it quickly behind my back, and hubby says, “Whatcha got there?”  “Nothing, I said”!  ~snicker-snicker~   Ahhhh, my very own heat warmer!  A knit beanie for myself (unless hubby finds it).  We suddenly went from very mild weather to very cold and rainy weather!  Ahhhh Welcome to Chicago!!!

It’s a very soft tight knit 50/50 wool and acrylic blend that stretches easily to fit down over my ears. It has a warm and snug fleece lining around the edge of the cap, and that adds additional warmth over my ears. I was surprised that the wool in the cap didn’t make me break out all over because it’s really soft and comfortable, and very warm!

The craftsmanship is outstanding. There isn’t a single flaw anywhere, and I examined the hat carefully before making that statement.

The tag inside gives washing instructions (machine wash cold, don’t machine dry) that make it evident that this is an easy care product.

This cap will keep you warm when you’re out there shoveling snow in this Chicago kinda cold…  freezing cold one minute and really cold the next, and then just cold… all kinds of cold. Keeps you Warm even when it’s Alaska Cold.  It’s snug fit design makes it easy to pocket or pack, and even fits in your coat pocket or purse.  It’s fleece lined for extra comfort and warmth, great for endurance sports like Hiking and Skiing.

Premium fiber blend:  50/50 Wool/Acrylic, keeps it breathable, yet warm.
High Quality with an Alaska Style is all about rugged simplicity.
One Size Fits Most, Machine Wash Cold; Do Not Tumble Dry

You just can’t go wrong if ya wanna stay warm!


  4 Responses to “#alaskastyle Beanie Knit Cap Review”


    I’ve actually been looking for a comfy beanie like that for myself! Of course I don’t really need it quite as much since it’s Spring and Summer but come Fall I definitely want one. It looks extra fantastic on you CM and I hope it helps the cold issue!


    New beanie hats are always welcome at home. Everybody wants a new one come winter.


    Looks like a warm hat, but I already sweat enough here in the south, so I’ll let one of you northerners wear it. BTW, did you know that my son owns a hat store?


    Beanies are always good to have for the cold and stylish too

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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