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My first born!

before & afterI personally love old pictures.  Look at that woman on the left. O-M-G!  Her hair is sky high and those adorable children… she’s trying to get that little boy under control ~snicker~  It ain’t gonna happen mama, I know because that’s me!  Now that little cutsie pie in yellow is the woman on the right… my oldest daughter with her oldest son who has already given me a great grandson, Alex.

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img710These two little ones are the two little ones up there on the left.
My oldest daughter Tricia and my oldest son Tony.
tony 3My Tony he was so adorable.Missy green velvetMy baby girl that weighed 3lbs. 2 oz. when she was born preemie!

These are my adorable children. I miss my babies so much… my arms ache for them. You mothers out there you know what I mean, don’t you?


These are my adult babies… only thing how can I miss my babies when they’re standing right in front of me? I just do……….. so much! ~sigh~


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    Hi Marie,

    I hope that you are well! PLEASE check your inbox, your Twitter DM and your blog contact forms and contact me ASAP (need to hear from you before noon today!)Thanks so much!


    Very nice family pics.


    Marie, kids grow up too darn fast! I miss mine being small, too. There’s a season for all things. That’s why I tell young moms to enjoy every second they have with their very young children because one minute their babies and the next they have babies of their own. I know you have some great memories tied up in these photos and I know how precious it is to revisit these moments in time. Thanks for sharing, my friend!


    The kids definitely grow up way to quick. I miss my own kids being little and now being a grandmother. It is spectacular. I have a week and a half to spend with my little grandchildren, and I hug them and love them all that I can. I certainly understand what you say that you miss them even when they are right with you


    ahhh, this is so so lovely!!! Seeing all your precious ones. 🙂

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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