May 222016

#ChiroDoc ( #Bumtiful ) – Breathable and Ergonomic Orthopedic Memory Foam #SeatCushion – For Coccyx and Tailbone Pain Relief and Reduce Back Pain From Sitting All Day – Use Anywhere – One Size Fits All

Breathable and Ergonomic Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion – For Coccyx and Pain Relief and Reduce Back Pain From Sitting All Day – Use Anywhere and One Size Fits All!

Many of you know me in that I have Spinal Stenosis.  I’ve also had two back surgeries.  For me to sit longer that 30 minutes takes a lot of effort.  I can sit, but in order for me to get up I know is going to be a lot of pain.  I cannot walk longer than 20 minutes.  Either my legs go numb with shooting pains or a cold freeze or my sciatica fires up and gives me bolts of pain into me every which way!   Then I found this #SeatCushion and in the nic of time.  My husband has a gig this weekend, and I have to sit all day taking videos, and me I need a very #softseat like maybe a very soft #pillow to sit on and be comfortable. I went to my husband’s gig yesterday and that was from actually 8:00 a.m. because we drove to the drummer’s house to pick up the equipment first, which was about 45 minutes away. Was I uncomfortable? NOT! Woo hoo Normally I would’ve started to be aching up a storm.

So I sat there & waited for them to load up our van. Then off again to Starve Rock. I’d say another 45 minute, but my seat was back half-way and I had my pillow. Talk about a smooth ride. Normally I wouldn’t even venture such a ride. When we got there the drummer’s granddaughter and I walked around. A grand-opening of a new Harley Davidson. Oh fun! We even got our faces painted. hahahaha… Sound check is next and the show must go on and what do I do… well, I’ll show you…  just see the video at the beginning of this Post, and that’s what I do.  Yes, take videos and pics all day long, but mostly in a chair so my #Seatcushion is really going to come in handy today to say the least.

#ChiroDoc do your stuff!!! hahaha  check this out… now not my fault to show you, but I showed you my secret weapon here, and that’s the #Bumtiful Cushion… and I’m luvin’ it and you will too!!!  Get yours today at

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    I love the blue color of this seat cushion. I got one of these for my grandmother. She loves using it in the car.


    I love this blue cushion, it looks very comfortable, where can i buy one?

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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