Jun 282016
Summer is Back! WWSnoopy happy danceDSC06888A rose my granddaughter gave me for Mother’s Day!  Isn’t it beautiful?
DSC04379Bring on the veggies!!!!  WOO HOO
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This is my friend’s dog and his name is pronounced us –  uh, and it is spelled…

“USA”!   I LOVE THAT NAME… and the dog!  Too cute and playful as all heck!

Let the Summer Begin! WOO HOO!

Curious as a Cathy
b2d Wordless Wednesday
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  7 Responses to “Roll out those Lazy Days of Summer! WW”


    Waiting for summer here. It will be about in about 5 months.


    That rose is beautiful, that is an unusual dog’s name heheh! good to see he’s guarding his ball, and great that your veggies are coming on fine i will send you my carrot order in the next few days 🙂

    Have a hazylazycrazytastic day of summer Marie 🙂


    Cool name for a dog.
    Hope your vegetables grow big.


    I wish we could have a simple vegetable garden like you have, but it just gets so hot here in the summer. We tried for the last two years, but with the sun and the heat, it just withers the plants away. Right now, my roses looks horrible – not at all like your beauty. We just can’t water a veggie/fruit garden enough as the heat combined with the dry winds just sucks the life out of the plants. Oh, well.

    My daughter has jury duty today. I think she is going to be in the same group for the murder that I had on Monday. She will get out of it as her job does not pay while she is on jury duty. I actually wish that I could have been on that jury. The judge says he was going to ask the prospective jurors about their knowledge of guns. I know quite a bit as I was taught to shoot at a very young age. If it were not for the mere presence of guns, I would not be here today, but would have been murdered when I was five. I am quite passionate on the subject of the Second Amendment.


    Summer has it here. Very nice phots.


    It’s lazy around here sometimes too.

    That is a beautiful rose.


    That’s doing summer the right way! And it’s a perfect dog’s name for this extended weekend coming up. Glad I wound up here from the Wordless or Wordy or Wordless Wednesday.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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