Jul 072016

This is the most awesome case I have ever owned. I had cases when I was younger and showed off to my teenage friends, but it’s time to grow up now and put on my big girl panties and store my albums in style, and this case certainly has classic style. I am so proud to bring this out in front of my friends. We usually play our tunes when they come over to coffee clutch with me or our crocheting session where all the girls get together to chat away and listen to lovely music. I’ve gotten so many many compliments on my my Record Storage case which makes me feel really good.


Holds up to 30 Albums just enough for a party.  Durable hardware metal casing to hold it all together, and a resin handle with Chrome snap closures.  It keeps albums neatly stacked and helps extend their lifespan for long time.  Fully protected from bumps, bruises, knocks and dampness.   The elegance of the case shows that you definitely care and totally classic.  Get yours today at amazon.com~!   


DSC069351byone’s Record Case is the ultimate repository for thirty of your favorite albums. Sturdy and vinyl-wrapped, this record carrier case features heavy-duty hardware including hinges, corner guards, and snap closure. Fully portable for rocking round the clock anywhere, anytime.    So the weekend is almost here and it’s time to party let’s grab our case and boogie on!!!   ENJOY!  











AND WE’RE OFF! Don’t forget to get yours at Amazon.com!!!

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  6 Responses to “1byone Vinyl Record Storage Case for 30 Albums Review”


    Sadly, we still have way to many records to fit in ten of those boxes. But my wife is recording them digitally as fast as she can.


    I can’t say I’ve ever owned records before but have always wanted to get my hands on a vintage record player! If that ever happens I’ll be sure to keep this in mind because it’s a wonderful way to keep all your records stored and organized.


    Very nice! It would be perfect to put those really good albums that I have in. This would definitely be the best place to store those.


    I don’t have a record collection but I remember listening to them when I was a kid.


    I think this is very stylish & will share with my older brother for sure!


    Sadly, I’ve gotten rid of all my vinyl records. But 1byone makes good stuff: I have an indoor TV antenna (we “cut the cord” a year or two ago) made by them that picks up most of the stations in Atlanta better than one we paid more money for.

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