Jul 112016

Aren’t these new and different?  Oh don’t let the different colors fool you.  These are not toys.  In fact, they’re extremely sharp and they do the job with the utmost accuracy.  It’s handle is perfect for a good grip.  Here’s some very fine points:

  • Features 4 stainless-steel knives with 4 FDA-approved non-stick colors – 8″ Red Chef Knife, 7″ Blue Santoku Knife, 5″ Orange Utility Knife & 3.5″ Green Paring Knife.
  • Includes 4 color-matching BPA-Free cutting mats in cascading sizes – Red 14″ x 10″, Blue 13″ x 9″, Orange 12″ x 8″, and Green 11″ x 7″.
  • Each knife made of razor-sharp stainless-steel that slices with unmatched ease, with a perfectly balanced ergonomic handle and matching blade sheath.
  • Knife set made of the highest quality stainless-steel that resists tarnishing and corrosion from long-term exposure to moisture, oils and acids in common foods.
  • Color-coded BPA-Free cutting mats avoid cross-contamination in the kitchen, and feature non-slip EVA coated bottoms.

I’m not a chef, but I totally love, love, love to cook and when cooking I love to experiment.  When I make a meal of difference we usually call it… “Moody Surprise” being Moody is my last name… he-he-he!!!

Aren’t these beautiful colors.. now a surprise for you.  I have a video below with Ozeri’s product above in action and a Moody Surprise recipe that I will share with you.  Ozeri makes the most fantastic products, and if you would like to get these wonderful Ozeri Elite Chef 12 Piece Stainless Steel Knife & Cutting Mat Set, Multicolor just click!  I love my set and you will too.  Now enjoy the video!  Hugs to all and thanks for stopping by!


Enjoy our MOODY SURPRISE salad… it’s great for a quick summer dish! YUMMERS!

As stated above …

Ozeri Elite Chef 12 Piece Stainless Steel Knife & Cutting Mat Set, Multicolor 

FAN~FREAKIN’~TASTIC~~~  hehehe~~~~

Happy Cook xmasdolly_gmt

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    Ooh! What a beautiful set of cutlery! I would be so pleased to have a set of these in my kitchen. They look like terrific knives.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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