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Having a restaurant can be a wonderful experience that can be a lot of fun, can bring financial gain, and one that could really make your name a household name. But, before all the building and designing and buying, one of the things you are going to need to look at is the flooring – for both the restaurant dining room as well as the kitchen. Below we will be talking about the best flooring for both areas, as well as what factors to consider when getting a flooring material.

What Is Considered a “Good” Floor for Restaurants


Inside the kitchen or in the dining room, the factors pretty much remain the same:

Easy To Clean: This is going to be a floor that is going to have a lot of food and beverage spills. You will also have people coming inside from outdoors and they can have dirt, sand, mud or water on their shoes and track it into the restaurant. Because of this, it’s important that you have flooring in the dining room and the kitchen that is easy to clean.

Durable: You might have thousands of people passing in and out of your dining room and entryway, bathroom and hallway every day. And that’s just foot traffic. What about chairs being scraped against the flooring? Tables being moved? This means you are going to need a material that is incredibly durable. Not to mention the kitchen area – foot traffic, equipment and tools falling to the floor, food being splashed, etc.

Safe: Inside the dining room, the bathrooms, the entryway and the kitchen the flooring will have to be safe. If one of your customers falls and it’s your fault, you are going to have to pay for it. Same for employees. If your employees fall in the dining area or kitchen and it’s your fault, you will have to take care of situations like this!

The Best Flooring Materials for Dining Areas

And by dining areas this also includes the entryway as well as the hallways, bathrooms, etc.

Hardwood Flooring Materials

Not only does hardwood flooring look good aesthetically, but it’s also a very durable material that can sustain scratches, spills and food. The biggest drawback to hardwood floor is the simple fact that it’s so expensive to buy and install and if something happens to one of the wood flooring plank it can be expensive to get fixed and or replaced. Because of this you might want to consider this alternative:

Laminated Flooring

This is an alternative option to hardwood flooring; it’s cheaper, it’s easier to install, it’s easier to fix, but it still looks fantastic. It comes in all these amazing stains and it’s also incredibly durable. You can choose to do laminate flooring with nails and adhesive or you can go the easier and cheaper route and just do a floating laminate floors. This entails using interlocking pieces that lock into each other so you won’t need to use all those extras.

The Best Flooring Materials for Kitchens

Commercial kitchen flooring has to be; durable and safe. It also has to be easy to clean of course.

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are a really good option, they tend to be softer than that of wood or laminate, but they are super easy to clean, antibacterial and they are extremely resistant to water, moisture, nicks, cracks, etc. This is a floor that will last for years to come in your kitchen.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles – Non Slip

Another very common material used in kitchens is ceramic or porcelain tiles. but these cannot be those shiny finished ones you see in a bathroom. This will cause slippage, it will cause your team to fall and it will cause accidents. Instead, get a non-slip material. These tend to have a more “granular” finish than a shiny finish and will keep your footing balanced on the floor where your feet should be!

The last option I want to talk about for kitchen flooring isn’t really flooring per se, it’s something that goes over top of your other flooring. Mats. Rubber mats are essential in a kitchen. These need to be placed around the brigade area, on the line, where the dishwasher and sink is, etc. Not only do these mats add safety to the areas, but since they are rubbery, they also will keep your cooks, chefs, employees and dishwasher from having sore feet, legs and backs. It’s just an additional option available and you can find these in most any commercial kitchen store.

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    At Home Depot, they have this vinyl plank flooring that looks like real wood. We have already put it in the bathroom. It’s wonderful.


    A lot of good information.


    I like floors that are slippery proof and that withstand the elements so that you don’t fall.


    Anything that’s easy to clean and skid-proof is best for food areas.


    This is great flooring for easy clean up! Highly recommended. ..


    Wow, I need new flooring, this has really helped me out!

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