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AIWOTOWOW 2 Pin Plug Electric Rechargeable Bug Zapper Mosquito Insect Fly Swatter Racket 12-Month Warranty – Blue

It should not be treated as a toy since it is an extremely powerful tool, used by professional pest controllers all the time.  Before using, please charge the batteries for 16-48 hours!

bug mesh

I HATE BUGS!  YOU’LL NEVER KNOW HOW MUCH I HATE BUGS!  I’m allergic to small insect bites.  I get nightmares about bugs.  They make me jittery, nauseous, and I have nightmares about them I hate them so much. grrrrrrrrrrr  So this gadget here is my favorite gadget in the house.  I love this thing and on top of it I think it’s cute!  hehehe~  Love the turquoise color too!  Don’t you?  And you don’t have to worry about batteries!  woo hoo!  Just plug this beautiful machine in and ZAP AWAY!  WOO HOO!  Last night I sat outside on my lounge chair and yelled, “Come and get me you lil’ buggers”, and I zapped away!  bwahahahahahahha  Boy did I have fun!  Is that wrong?  NOT!!!


Forget about toxic bug sprays, which are entirely unsuitable during a barbecue or when eating outside.  The Mosquito Zapper does not have any safety risk to you or the environment.  Best for Indoor and Outdoor.   It’s simple to use.  The Bug Zapper racket works after manual activation and it’s enough just to swing it once in the presence of bugs, and they are HISTORY!  ~hahaha~  I love it.  I will tell you one thing from experience.  Keep out of the reach of children, and yourself.  Why you say?  Well, when I first got it I didn’t read the directions and figured oh well, I’ll just plug it in because the light didn’t come on when I went to turn it on.  The plug is at the end of the handle, but what I didn’t know is it was on and my pinky finger touched the racket and “ZAP”!  Yes, I got zapped!  DO NOT TOUCH the racket until you read the directions or better yet just don’t touch the racket.  OUCH!  It’ll get ya!

bug zapper

Sooooo…… Warning!
It should not be treated as a toy since it is an extremely powerful tool, used by professional pest controllers all the time, and before using, please charge the batteries for 16-48 hours!


Also, here are some question and answers I thought were very important that I got from that I wanted to share with you all my very important friends:


Will it kill crawling insects like spiders?  Answer:  Yes!  With direct contact it should quickly electrocute anything up to the size of a garden spider. And every one who orders the first item just input AIWOTOWO can get a 5% off discount when you check out, thanks for your support.  Yes indeed! As long as it fits in between the large holes on the outer layer so the spider touches the electric middle layer it will kill it.  WOO HOO!  Yucky spiders!  ewwwwwwwwww!


Is this safe for children to use?Or will it shock them?   Answer:  Don’t let your children use it!  The purpose of this item is to electrocute anything that gets to the middle layer of the racket. Children have small fingers that could easily reach that dangerous layer.    It is NOT safe for children. It will get an electric shock if touch the racket when press the button to use. Do not let children get it.
And every one who order the first item from our store just input AIWOTOWO can get a 5% off discount When you check out, thanks for your supporting.

What’s different from this and a normal swatter such as elucto?  Answer:  ECO Defense Environment friendly,we use Rechargeable battery, not the two AA batteries.


Do you really need to charge the racket in a 220 volt plug? Not the usual 110?  Answer:  Better in usual 110V,Thank you.

How many volts are the zaps?  Answer:  Almost output 2800V ,so take extra care when handling and keep children away from the product,and please shut down it after you use.

Would this work with fruit flies?  Answer:   Yes, thank you.  Definitely. However it may take a couple of swings to actually hit the bug since it is so small it can fit between all layers of the racket.  No the bug is too small.

How do you charge this racket?  Answer:   It has a plug on the bottom of the racket handle. It has a little button that you slide so you can protrude and retract the prongs for the plug. Bad thing is that the weight of the entire racket sits on these prongs and the racket tends to want to fall out of the plug. It is cheaply made but seems to work ok.   There is a retractable plug at the bottom which can be pulled out by a button near it, and can be easily plugged in an electricity point on a wall .  Just plug into electrical socket, I keep it plugged in on patio.  It has a built in plug that you slide out the prongs to fit into a receptacle on your wall.

How long does a charge last?   Answer:   I had it out today for the 4th of July for the first time. It was actually fun getting rid of the flies that came in from grilling all day. Started at 2pm and it went strong til well after 10pm. Everyone was having a turn with it.  Best thing under $20 I have ever bought in a long time.  Usually charge 8-10 hours one time.  Also, every one that inputs AIWOTOWO can get a 5% off discount when you check out, thanks for your support.

I hope this has been helpful for you.

Bug plug

Bugs will never be a menace again!  HURRAY!  I can forget about bug bites and so can you.  Mosquitos love me.  I swear they hunt me down.   It’s time to enjoy a great day outdoors, regardless of what you want to do. With a simple move with THE Bug Zapper! any bug attacking you and your family will be zapped on the spot!!!   hahahaha  GOTCHA!!!

Immediate effect!
The bug zapper racket will produce electric shock waves that will destroy bugs in a second!  
bug lite

Its incredibly comfortable and practical design will help you neutralize insect in just one move.  Just swing the device in the direction of the bugs and they will be toasted when they reach its surface!!!

Bug zap

Adios, sayonara, ciao, arrivederci… HIT THE ROAD!  ZAP!!!!    SEE YA!  GET YOURS TODAY AT AMAZON.COM!

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    Whack whack – Get them skeeters! Out here in the desert, we don’t get mosquitoes. We get a hole lot of flies. We got one of those salt guns to get them this year. They are so much fun!


    You get ’em! When I first saw one of these I thought of you. Glad you got one!


    This is a great product! With the Zika Virus, everyone needs this!

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