Sep 062016
Summer is Back! WWSnoopy happy dance

My favorite picture in the world. My grandchildren. That’s Angelo’s big sister Tatyanna!!! Check out that pouting lip and Tot is about to bust out laughing. bwahahaha

dsc07196Our Baby says, “Hello”!

Curious as a Cathy
b2d Wordless Wednesday
Stacy Uncorked
Daughter, Mother, Granddaughter
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  9 Responses to “Roll Out those Lazy Days of Summer! WW”


    Aww! he looks so cute in that photo heheh!

    Hope alls OK over there Marie and your not doing anything I would LOL

    Have a tanfastical day 🙂


    That windmill looks amazing. Where is it located? So it must be summer on your side of the world.


    What a great picture of little Angelo!

    Is it getting cooler now in your part of the country? We are actually having an early autumn. Even though we are still up to about 100° during the day, we are below 65° in the morning these last few days. It’s really been nice. Oh, we will probably have another week or two of extremely hot weather, but we are enjoying to cool mornings and evenings.


      We had some really cool evenings for a few days there, but now it’s back to hot and humid all day long it’s awful. I broke two molars last Friday on my way to the dentist now to see what he wants to do. Got a feeling I’ll be at the Oral surgeon’s office in a little while. $$$$$$$ cha-ching!!!! 🙁


    Very nice pics. Hope you are doing well. We are starting our so-called “Indian Summer”.


    I’m ready for the football days of fall!


    Sweet picture! 🙂

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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