#INNXproducts Quilted Microfiber/Suede sofa protector Review

dsc0720769″W X74″H provides full coverage of sofa seat, back and armrest

INNX Canine Sofa cover Quilted Microfiber/Suede fabric for pets,like canine cats, and even for your kids, Anti Slip design Slipcovers ( sofa protector…


I never thought about getting a quilt for our couch because our baby didn’t go on the couch… BUT…… I found out differently one night. It’s not that she actually goes on the couch, but when she walks by it she rubs her body on the couch (she’s a black lab). The bottom of our couch has an entirely different and darker shade than the rest of the couch. So listen up people you really better take a second look at your furniture if you think your dog doesn’t get on the couch. This quilt was given to me free of charge for my honest opinion with regards to the product. Thank you.

Great choice for the family with kids and pets,keep your furniture away from stain,hairs,claw,marks
Advance straps and flap anti slip designs keep your covers stay in place,even for some big Dogs
Ideal protects your furniture like chair, couch, loveseat and sofa

3 layer quilted construction offers extra soft and comfort seating experience for kitty!  ~snicker~

INNX offers smart and practical innovation for your invest.  Their furniture cover protects your chair, loveseat, couch, sofa with extra adjustable straps and tabs, which can keep the covers stay in place, even if you have a huge pet like a St Benard.  Ideal for Families with Kids and Pets, no mess for the pets hair, claw, spills, pees etc, what is more it is machine washable (I love that part), and it is waterproof microfiber/suede fabric with 3 layer construction keeps your furniture always fresh and tidy.  I would  suggest to remove the seat cover immediately once spills in some accident and throw it in your machine.  It’s no biggy!

We have had this sectional couch for almost 17 yrs. when we bought it brand new when we bought the house.  I love it and it still looks like new as far as I’m concerned and I’d like to keep it that way.  Thanks to this product I recently came across it’s a wonderful touch to help me do just that.  A #INNXproduct Quilted Microfiber/Suede sofa protector.  That’s right it will protect my sofa from Baby (my old black labrador), my grandchildren and guests who has had maybe a little bit too many, and I love the feel of this.  It’s so soft and smooth.  Hubby likes it too when he stretches out on the couch to watch a good movie.  I should have thought of something like this a long time ago to protect my furniture.  A HUGE shout out too #INNXproducts.  You really need to check them out on amazon.com.  Thanks for stopping by!


Disclosure:  The opinion in this Post is 100% my own, and no monetary compensation was given.  I received said product at no cost to me in order to facilitate my honest opinion although your opinion may vary from mine. 

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  1. My mother needs these for her couches. Every time I sit down on one at her house, I end up getting a bunch of fur on my rear.

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