#Halloween Countdown Day IX! Dance without music!

Animated Dancing Ghosts
Dancing without music! By: Angel Dee

Gonna dance to the tune with no music

The Rhythm between Limbo & Hell

Don’t know where I’ve been… the rhythm is between my head & my cell

Fantasy within my soul

End of time…   end of my goal!

Gonna dance to the tune with no music!


Can you see the sound that hasn’t been heard?

Hear this picture without any words?

How does one love that has no heart…   Get a role in life that has no part!

Floating on a sea without water!

Building a song without a tune down

Telling the virgin and her daughter that time doesn’t tick… there is no sound!

Noise with silence…   Silence that thunders…   War isn’t violence…   Peace that wonders!


Gonna dance to the tune with no music.

Rhythm is between limbo and hell…  heaven watches all and surrounds us with the Lord’s call…

But silence is deafening to the soul and the song that sings without words.

The beat is in my head and in this son I cannot sell…

So I dance to this tune with no music as I listen to the song with no words!

Put me down if you must for the song is truly about the lust of deafening life that has no music…

A song without the proper words and no steps towards my finish and no words that are in this song that has no melody anyway!  Dance if you must with the lust of life that starves for the dancing without the sound!!!


Author:  Angel Deehappy-halloween-witch



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By Marie Moody

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