#AYLLEDFlashlight: AYL TC80 4-in-1 LED Flashlight Review

AYL TC80 4-In-1 LED Flashlight CREE – Tactical Emergency Night Light – Telescoping Aluminum Body, Magnetized Base – Water Resistant Handheld Spotlight For Work, Auto, Camping, Garage – Battery Powered
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Oh yes, love my new flashlight and all the things it can do. My special feature is how it can zero in on a particular point you want to see and make it shine and you know exactly what it is. I don’t like the dark and let’s say if I blow a fuse and I have to go into the basement to flip the switch I know this flashlight will light up the entire room or pinpoint a particular object. It’s not big and bulky or heavy. It fits right inside my purse if I want it or inside a kitchen drawer quite nicely. Yes, I am truly satisfied with this product.   I’m more than satisfied.  I’ve used this flashlight for so many things.  Me?  I hate the dark… nope don’t like it at all.  I carry this flashlight in my purse.  I can use this as a weapon if I wanted too.  I have used this to light up my doorknob to get into the house at night, so instead of standing there for a minute or two trying to find the hole I’m in the safety of my own home in a manner of seconds.
This flashlight has a heavy magnet at the bottom that can be used for problems with your car at night so you can put it on your car to see what you’re doing at a hands free disposition.  When I go to bed at night I have to check everything myself or I’m just not satisfied?  Comfortable… whatever!  I do it.  So I start at my back door and I don’t have to go up to the doorknob to see if it’s locked I take the flashlight and focus in on the lock by pulling the sides up and it zooms in on whatever you want to see.  It’s awesome.  I walk though the house checking doors and my gas knobs too that they’re off.  All lights are off… doors locked… I’M READY FOR BED!  Oh, and NO stubbed toes!  ~snicker~
This flashlight runs on four AAA batteries.  The lantern function is  totally great for camping out I’m sure.  The flashlight comes in handy, especially when combined with the magnetic end cap. The magnet in the end cap is strong and I like to put mine on my stove hood and sometimes I leave it in my car ready for use.   When you want to light an area, you can slide the cover down the handle to expose the lantern light, and hang it from where you like with metal with the magnet. It’s a super quick and easy light, as long as you have something metal to hang it from it will be right there to use.

Disclosure:  The opinion in this Post is 100% my own, and no monetary compensation was given.  I received said product at no cost to me in order to facilitate my honest opinion although your opinion may vary from mine. 

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  1. I really like these flashlights with the magnetic base. Makes them more handy for car use. Since I had to give my good one to the kids, I just might have to get this one for my car. Thanks for the great review.

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