Noise Canceling Earplugs with a Comfortable Fit Review


You really need to check these out if you have a need for earplugs.  Now you all know me.  My husband is in a band and if anyone is an expert on earplugs it’s me.  I’ve tried them all!  These are totally fab!  Now for example.  I had these plugs in and I need them especially I have a hole in my left eardrum so when things get too loud it gets a bit painful.  Now we don’t want that so earplugs are a good friend of mine.  These earplugs are easy to use with the little stem for something to hold on too to get them in and out especially and quickly instead of digging around for them like other ones I have tried.

These ear plugs muffles the loud sound so you can listen at a level you’re comfortable with.  I’ve even had people scream in my ear to tell me something while the band is playing and it didn’t hurt at all and just blended so I can hear them even with the earplugs in my ear canal.  Now naturally I read about these earplugs before I decided to use them, and I liked what I learned about these.  Now you not only can use these to muffle loud music, but what if you have that husband that snores like a diesel engine!  Yep, these will give you a goodnight sleep, and still be able to hear your son saying, “Mommy, I want a drink of water”.  Seriously I’ve tried these and I totally recommend them.  I carry them in their little case in the zipper part of my purse so I don’t lose them.  Also if you use them when you’re sleeping they are HYPOALLERGENIC SOFT SILICONE is non-toxic and comfortable for prolonged wear. Won’t cause itching or pressure pain. Can be worn all night and prove to give a better sleep!  Now is that cool or what?


These ear plugs fits perfectly into your ear canal with comfort with a transparent flange design and cone shaped earplugs tip to fit a range of ear sizes and to ensure a great and lasting seal for your specific needs
and they’re also built for comfort for long periods without pain, high pressure or being sore.  Now here’s a little video I put together for you to show you how easy it is to put them in.  Enjoy!


*Disclaimer:  Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given.  I received a product sample in order to facilitate my honest review.

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  1. When I need some hearing protection, they have to be comfortable. These do look really comfortable, and I really don’t like the sponge ones.

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