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 Well Thanksgiving was here and gone, and boy did I run out of steam early this time.  I think every last ounce of energy that I ever had was used, but I made it!  Woo Hoo!  So would you like to see half of my family… because only half made it!!! bwahahaha  Well here it goes!


dsc07508Even the spoiled dog made it to our Thanksgiving… snicker…
Now here’s a deep conversation for ya….

dsc07506hmmm still being pampered I see… Our “Baby”

This is my first grandson Ryan (he’s such a good boy (and a hard worker too) & my first great grandson Alex (he’s a good boy too)!! Such a cutie!!! Gotta love em’!
Uh-oh! Look who snuck in with her grandson Shawn… another cutie by the way! Him got a bloody nose a few minutes earlier and NaNee to the rescue… ice cream & chocolate chips cured it with a snap of the fingers!!! I’m such a good NaNee… Run Shawnee don’t let Mommy see!!! LOL
My son Tony (love him) & my granddaughters Bri, and Niki and NaNee bringing up the end of peoples! ALL SMILES!
Mommy almost caught us Shawn! Whew! NaNee grabbed the bowl and ice cream it’s under the table… bwahahahaha My first born, Tricia… my helper! She’s a good girl too! hugs
Tim is leaning over! He’s a friend that doesn’t have anymore family around… so we’ve adopted him! There’s my Dave… he’s such a good husband and my first born Tricia!
My niece Marie & her Fiancee’ and her son Zack! Yes, Marie was named after me! We have different middle names though!
Me, my oldest son Tony (nickname as a baby was “Cuddles” shhhhh), and his baby Niki who can throw a ball at 42 mph!!! Woo Hoo! I love all my babies!
Well, my Tony (Cuddles) and I say Happy Thanksgiving & time to put up the tree!!! Hope you enjoyed part of my clan! Thanks for stopping by! Love my boy! He’s been the man of the family since he’s been 8 yrs old and did one helleva job! So proud!



Curious as a Cathy
b2d Wordless Wednesday
Stacy Uncorked

                       HAVE A GREAT DAY!

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