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Who remembers “Mr. Cool”?

Okay, so what kind of a man is married 8 times AND listen to this… his CURRENT WIFE IS HALF HIS AGE, and they are so very happy & so in love and they live with their adorable little girl Daniella, and had said child at the ripe young age of 76, owned more than 5 businesses (all out of business now), has his own record label, had once contemplated suicide and whose father had an IQ of 235!!! 

One that is truly blessed by God and knows it!  Meet Tom Tomoser, arguably one of the most interesting people you will ever read about. His autobiography is not about him per say, but is about his partnership with the Lord God Almighty Himself who guided him every step of the way in a very fulfilling life and Tom proves it.  

“With God All Things Are Possible” will keep you intrigued about your own spirituality. Who saved you from death? Who sent people into your life and why? Who created failures so you can succeed?  Whether you read this book to learn about Tom’s life or the strange, yet blessed way that God works, you will be forever impacted about your outlook on life and your spirituality.  Tom’s open book narration style actually puts you right there in the story.  Side-by-side you will experience what he did.   It’s like virtual reality on pages. When you’re finished, you will tell your friends and family “you won’t believe this great book I just read about this guy who is living his life to the absolute fullest… living his dreams and fulfilling them, but as you can see he’s still at it and starting another family with his beautiful wife and lovely daughter!  Yes, I said daughter, and baby daughter at that!  God bless Mr. Tomoser!  God bless the Tomoser family… God bless my friend Mr. Cool because that’s who he’ll always be to me!  Mr. Cool did it “HIS WAY”!    His friendship with himself proves that the Lord & Tom has made life possible for him.

With God All Things Are Possible by [Tomoser, Tom]


#GiveAway  A $50 Gift Card from Amazon where you can purchase this fantastic story of …  INTRODUCING “With God All things are Possible” (Kindle Edition) by Tom Tomoser GiveAway Ends 5.15  


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You can get this book on Amazon.com right now if you like or you can enter the give-away below!  Yes, do you want to know how Tom did it?  Enter below… you can’t wait you say???  You can buy it right now for only $2.99!  Just click here… Amazon.com!    Watch, how step by step the Lord Blessed Tom to build a business that would thrive and provide opportunities for many to improve their lot in life. It wasn’t all smooth sailing and there were some setbacks too  here & there, but such a life… you’ve just got to check out this book.  I want to tell you so much more, but anything I say would be giving the story away because every single page is so very interesting, exciting, heartbreaking, and loving… praise the Lord Tom found his way and the Lord watched over him.  This E-Book is amazing believe me his life is amazing… and this is Tom today with his beautiful wife!!!  Now is that HAPPY or what?!!!


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You are cordially invited to experience the “Virtual Reality On The Pages “as Andy Greenberg described the narrative style of this intriguing book, of course Tom saved the best for last so you will have to get his book and read on to learn about & feel the heart warming ending, which is only the beginning of true happiness of Tom Tomoser & family, but remember Tom… found faith and love in Jesus… and love for his entire family that kept Tom going!  Tom did it his way and the Lord’s way!  Tom counseled with the Lord in Prayer over every decision to make sure now that he found the Lord that he could learn the ways of the Lord and bask in life giving rays of the Gospel Of Jesus Christ.

Enter today… and get the best story you’ve ever read and a fight for the good life to a good soul!  

“With God All Things Are Possible” is a testament to the truth of Matthew 19-26. Being guided by the Holy Spirit Tom was able to use the superb memory that was given him by Almighty God to specifically recall and articulate the amazing and wonderful experiences God allowed him to partake of both before he was a believer and after he was a believer….

This book really held my interest, and books don’t usually do it for me. I cannot believe all the things that this man has done and everything he has been through. It’s an extremely interesting book, and very fast moving. So many twists & turns and never a dull moment. This man definitely lived in the fast lane and loves life. He also loves the Lord and his fellow man you can tell. With God all things are Possible and he has proven it by living his life and sharing it with his fellow man.

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Tomoser and daughter Daniella

By Marie Moody

Married to my Soulmate. Mother of 4, grandmother of 12, and great-grandmother of 2 and owner of 1 demanding black lab & I'm a retired Legal Assistant & pianist. I am also on disability due to Spinal Stenosis. I am now a blogger which I love very much & it keeps me busy & I also enjoy crocheting.


    1. I’m glad you understood. All you had to do is read the preview there on Amazon and give your opinion. Thanks Danielle… I’m sure Tom will appreciate your comment.

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    1. As far as CD Baby as stated above it’s only an opinion on what you can hear, but if there’s no place take the points anyway … per me!!! Thank you for letting me know.

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  3. Marie, I came back this morning to finish entering but the first requirement to leave a comment on Amazon I felt like wouldn’t benefit Tom if I did it because I have not read his book. I’m sure his story is good given his accomplishments over several decades. I wish for him the best success with selling his book and maybe I’ll get a chance to read it.;)

    1. Cathy, the comment you leave is about what you can read right there, nothing more… does it sound like you would like to read his book by the information that is right there??? Of course you can’t leave a comment on the book…. if I made it sound like that I apologize. Let me see what I can do.

  4. i think it sounds interesting. I think the line ” It was at this time that he realized that God had always been with him and watched over him and saved him from death 7 times” really sold me on it.

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