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This young lady is my granddaughter, Tatyanna and she lives with me.  She shall be starting college in the fall (we hope), but for now she’s in grooming & training school.  You see she wants to become a Veterinarian.   She’s going to need a lot of paper that’s for sure, so I looked into the matter and what I found out is Spectrum is …  well, check this out:

    • 99.99% Jam-Free Performance.* Your Satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed (*GP performance guarantee is based on rigorous testing completed on our GP Spectrum® Standard 92 line of papers by Buyers Laboratory
    • The GP eCommerce packaging is designed with enhanced packaging to help improve package conditions upon delivery.
    • Made In the USA… and 
    • Black and White, One Sided* (printing results are best with black and white and one sided prints, but these papers can als be used for color and two sided prints.
    • GP Performance Guarantee and GP performance guarantee is based on rigorous testing completed on our GP Spectrum® Standard 92 line of papers by Buyers Laboratory!
    • This versatile paper comes with no frills or fuss just dependable quality you can trust for those daily tasks around the home or office. Ideal for one-sided, black and white documents: copies, drafts, emails and other commonly printed items. GP ecommerce carton. This product was made from wood that came from a certified managed forest.
    • Georgia-Pacific Spectrum Standard 92 Multipurpose Paper, 8.5 x 11, 20 lb., 92 Brightness, 10 ream case, 5,000 sheets

    • is for so many great products like office supplies, cleaning supplies, medical supplies and even office furniture , which I turned Tatyanna on too!  I personally love their chairs… they have a wide variety, but anyway… don’t get me started.  Back to the subject at hand…  this paper will be put to really good use in copying many nights of homework and maybe even some pictures and more pictures and even more pictures!!!  Nothing, but the best for us, and for my granddaughter.   I also like that some of this paper is even recycled.
    •  Paper doesn’t grow on trees that’s for sure!  It takes hard work to make paper and since GP Paper is MADE IN THE USA, this means more work for more American workers!  Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about for sure!  
    • MADE IN THE USA also means you can be confident that we thoughtfully manage how our paper is made – from sustainable forest practices, to energy efficiency, to waste reduction.   After all, we live here too!!!  
    • From the Manufacturer|Powered by Webcollage

      GP Spectrum® Paper

      GP Spectrum® Standard 92 Multipurpose Paper

      • Hero of the everyday and Hero of our home and for the next generation!

        With basic weight and brightness options, their Standard line is a trusted companion for delivering day in, day out results for one-sided, black & white documents like copies, drafts, emails and other common printing needs.  So as you see Spectrum is nothing, but the best for my little girl… what does your little girl/boy use???
      • Disclaimer: Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given. I received a product sample in order to facilitate my honest review.

By Marie Moody

Married to my Soulmate. Mother of 4, grandmother of 12, and great-grandmother of 2 and owner of 1 demanding black lab & I'm a retired Legal Assistant & pianist. I am also on disability due to Spinal Stenosis. I am now a blogger which I love very much & it keeps me busy & I also enjoy crocheting.

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