Say hello to Charlie!!! He’s a pretty special lil’ guy!

 This is our “Charlie”!  Dave named him.  Now here’s the story of Charlie!  I’m sure you all remember “Baby”. That was our Black Lab who lived to a great old age of 16 I believe it was.  The Vet said Black Labs don’t normally live that long and that she must’ve been very well loved and she was.  She was loved and spoiled to the core, and before her we had “Cleo” who was also a Black Lab and very well loved and also lived to a nice ripe old age.  I believe Cleo was the same age as “Baby” when we put her down.  They were just too old and losing the will to live and we believe Baby had a stroke the day we were putting her down and it was like the Lord telling us it was the right thing to do.

This was our Baby who we hardly ever had to scold. She was such a good dog and loved her balls to play fetch!
This was “Cleo”! What a good dog, and so smart and she could even try to say “I love you”, and she jumped so very high. Yes, she was such a good dog and so smart. It broke our hearts when both dogs left.

Here are some more pictures of Charlie in a minute.  Now I’ve never really trained a puppy before so any help you can leave in a comment would be extremely appreciated.  First, of all we put down Baby when she got so old and her body functions were failing a week before Christmas.  It broke our hearts, but we had to do it for her and she went off to stay with our other friend Cleo who more or less died the same way.  They’re both at “Rainbow Bridge” (love that story it truly helps a broken heart due to a pet).  We waited a long time before we thought about another pet/friend because I’m retired and disabled and being totally alone is not my favorite.  I needed a friend, and so I didn’t really look to hard at first I waited for the right opportunity for us.  I wanted to give a pet a forever home as they’re calling it at Petfinder’s.  I was searching through there and I found out that it would cost $200/$300 at the shelters around my house and then I was talking to my daughter and she said it was $100 cheaper by her.  So she was going there looking for a kitty for her daughter and she sent me pics of different dogs she thought I might like and one day a police officer brought in Charlie that was just a stray, and I went to go look.  They said he was 7 yrs. old.   NOT!  Then the Vet said okay maybe “5”.  I don’t think so!  He still has baby teeth barely peaking through his gums.  He’s very playful, loves to bite while playing, trained as far as sitting, and goes to the bathroom outside, but had to holler at him one time when he lifted his leg, but didn’t do anything and he’s had one accident.  Shhhhh don’t tell Dave!  He loves to go for a walk, but when I take him to the park he pulls on that chain sooooooooooooo hard.  He loves to stay on the front porch, and will stay chained up in the backyard for a little bit, but not long.  Nothing to see back there.  So……… oh, and loves to chew on paper from the garbage can and will try to get on the couch when he thinks you’re in a good mood, but we don’t allow that.  Well, that’s it.  So any pointers is truly accepted with gratitude.  Have a great Labor Day and have fun, and please be safe.  Below are a few more pics of Charlie!!! Charlie also loves to run, run, run and play, play, play!!!  I’m not that young anymore, so I need other things I can do with him that he’ll like.  I’ve bought him all kinds of toys already and he loves TREATS!  I’ve taught him how to (sit he knew how already so I can’t take credit for that).  He is trained not to poop or do his business in the house, and I’ve taught him how to give me paw.  Both paws as of today!  WOO HOO!  That second paw was a task.  Oh and he knows how to go in his cage all by himself.  We’re making him sleep in there because we cannot trust him yet as far as his business or chewing on things or going on the furniture and garbage.  He’s a big time chewer so therefore I believe he’s teething, don’t you?



So any and all advice or help is appreciated!  Thanks everyone and I hope you love Charlie as much as I do.  I will post pics from time to time.  I have to get our boxes ready now that we’re donating to Texas Hurricane donation, so we can drop them off.


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By Marie Moody

Married to my Soulmate. Mother of 4, grandmother of 12, and great-grandmother of 2 and owner of 1 demanding black lab & I'm a retired Legal Assistant & pianist. I am also on disability due to Spinal Stenosis. I am now a blogger which I love very much & it keeps me busy & I also enjoy crocheting.


    1. Nope, cuz he probably won’t come back. He got away again tonight and he doesn’t come when he’s called because he has to sniff everything in site. He loves to go in the garbage too and eat paper & shred it apart. 🙁 he’s sure a handful.

      1. Must be quite a shock going from an older and more sedentary dog to a puppy with boundless energy. I’ll bet you have your hands full. And he’s probably too young to train at this point…

  1. Oh, Charlie is soooo precious!!! I love puppies! I love dogs, period. Labs are amazing dogs. They are so lovable and so loyal. I have a few Lab mixes that come and stay with us here (I have a dogsitting business in my home. Been doing it for the last 16 years. Hard to believe it’s been that long already!). I have two greyhounds, Picasso & Luca. You can see them on my home page. Actually the pictures at the top of my home page is all of the greyhounds I’ve had since I started rescuing them in 1999. Picasso and Luca are #7 and #8. The other six are “at the Bridge” and I miss them so much.
    I’m so sorry about you losing Baby (and Cleo before her). I know how devastating that loss is. It’s absolutely heartbreaking because these dogs are, in essence, our kids. That’s how I feel anyway. My dogs are my life and the loves of my life. I like dogs better than people and I’d much rather keep company with a dog over a person. 🙂 I had 12 dogs staying here for the holiday weekend! It was crazy, but fun. Four guest dogs are still here, plus my two guys. They’re all staying until next weekend.

    Congratulations on your new family member! I’m excited for you Marie. Charlie may be a handful now but Labs are by far about the smartest of dog breeds. They are fast learners and more than anything, they want to please their “person” so I’m sure you’ll get Charlie trained in no time. If he’s pulling too much on the leash and he doesn’t settle down with that, you may have to call in a professional trainer to work with him and you for a bit. But it won’t take long at all. Just make sure he can be controlled before he gets too much older and set in his ways. It’s no fun walking a dog that ends up walking you! I had to call in a trainer for my Maggie, my first greyhound. She used to pull so much on the leash and she was strong. I’m a big girl and a strong girl but she could pull me along. I only had to have two sessions with the trainer and Maggie was perfect after that.
    Dogs are smarter than most people give them credit for. You already know that, having had Baby and Cleo.

    Can’t wait to hear about your “Charlie adventures”! The pictures of him just made me smile. He looks like a love-bug!

    Michele at Angels Bark

  2. Aww! he is so cute and I am sure you will get him trained soon and he will love his new home, I am sure you will be posting more photos as he progresses 🙂 🙂

    I just hate it when I lift my leg and someone shouts at me it’s so rude LOL

    Have a wooftastic week 🙂

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