XmasDolly’s Wordless Wednesday



… and run!
Our Charlie loves to run!
What a ham! He loves the camera and the camera loves him!

and run!!!! hahahahaha



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By Marie Moody

Married to my Soulmate. Mother of 4, grandmother of 12, and great-grandmother of 2 and owner of 1 demanding black lab & I'm a retired Legal Assistant & pianist. I am also on disability due to Spinal Stenosis. I am now a blogger which I love very much & it keeps me busy & I also enjoy crocheting.


  1. Aww! Charlie is so cute he definitely likes the camera yes and what a poser he is haha!

    Hope your doing good Marie and still your happy self and importantly not doing anything I would heheh!

    Have a charlietastic week 🙂

    1. Steve: You’re the best. I got Charlie at a Pet Shelter near my daughter because that shelter was $100 cheaper than near my house. Yeah, they want 2 to 300 dollars!!! Can you believe that? They want to find forever homes for these poor animals & they make it so costly no one can afford one! So, one day I went to a carnival near my daughter & they had animals there for you to look at they were all so cute that I went to the shelter & found Charlie. I had to have him…. the rest is history!!! A policeman found him & was going to take him, but he never came back for my Charlie & I got him. It was tough going at first, but he’s starting to settle in….. hopefully!!! I never raised a puppy before so any and all pointers please let me know in a comment. TANKS EVERYONE & Thank you Steve for being a friend! BIG HUGS Oh, I’m doing fine… finally got my shot last week, so I’ve been doing things around the house I couldn’t do before and luvin’ it! BIG HUGS & HAVE A GREAT DAY! THANKS AGAIN! HUGS

  2. Marie,

    I saw where you got Charlie but haven’t had a chance to really say anything before. I’m glad that you were able to get him. Pets are wonderful to have around. Their excellent company, always good to make you smile, and occasionally they’ll see ya through a difficult patch. Dogs are man’s (or in this case woman’s) best friend. I hope y’all have many wonderful years together. He’s a beautiful animal and photographs well! Thanks for sharing such happy creature with me. I really like Labradors! He is a lab, right? Happy WW!

    1. Excellent company to say the least. Charlie has attached himself to me… not Dave! WOO HOO! Finally got an animal that LOVES ME!!! WOO HOO! He always makes me smile… and he loves to HUG!!! That’s the first thing he does in the morning is give us a hug! ~hehehe~ Was he made for me or what? hahaha!!! Just have to teach him to behave. I know puppies need a lot of attention, but the demands the attention. So wish me luck my friend. BIG HUGS!

    1. Okay, Charlie is a puppy and first they told me she was 7 yrs. old can you believe that??? Then they changed it to 5… personally I think she’s more like 1 1/2 to 2 yrs. old and chews on everything in sight. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr She’s trained about 90% in going to the potty outside. She sits and gives me her paw… both of them now. Also, she comes when I call her most of the time, but if she gets loose she’s on her own and runs like a bat outta hell. She finally has a chip so she’s MY DOG now. I truly have fallen in love with her. I just need her to stop chewing on everything and biting. She nips when she plays and Dave hates that. She really hurts. Also, she chewed up one of Dave’s guitar wires! If your jaw just dropped that’s everyone’s reaction. So any and all pointers is appreciated. She is cage trained and she loves her home. I put her own comforter in there and she has 2 stuffed small dogs in there and loves her … bogo which I hide treats in and keeps her busy for a couple of hours & she’s a great watch dog. Such a loud bark and she hates the mailman & his truck oh and black folk. BARKS TO HIGH HEAVEN!!! Thanks for stopping by Alex… hugs

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