#Divatress helped me feel young and beautiful again!

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This is me! I’m in my late 50’s here!  Sad isn’t it?  As you can see not too much hair on top, & that’s because I take medicine that makes my hair fall out.  I started being a home body and didn’t go out hardly at all, and just found my happiness around the house.  There are lots of reasons why our hair falls out when we get older, but doesn’t mean we can’t still look #beautiful and still have fun and be sexy too!

#Divatress  wigs online!     There are so many #ads out there to make us #beautiful no matter what age you are and you can even change your style in a

snap of a finger!   For example, check this out…..  Now, I know I went from one extreme to the other, but there’s a couple of looks for you out there and you know your inner beauty is just dying to get out now isn’t it?  Here’s kind of a change for you! ~hehehe~  Now what do you think of this look?  It’s an auburn full wig, and yes that’s really me!!!  Cool, huh?  Bet you didn’t even recognize me did you?  Now how about the next one and that one has wiglets and hair strands/pieces! 

So, now you ask how did I do all this or how did I know?  Well, come on ladies  it’s all over the internet, but I’m here to tell you of a really great website and that’s called,    .   Now jot this one down ladies!!!

Oh my gosh, they have everything from Sensational Bump Human Hair Wigs to wigs for the Mature Woman like me, and not to mention… (check this out)… braids, weaves, and wigs in all sizes, and lots of lengths and…  ready for this…  in every color imaginable!  REALLY!!!  Whew!  That was a mouthful!!!!  Now ladies listen up!  Seriously, I’m here to talk to you woman to woman… Girl, you can be queen of the office during the day to queen of the Nile at night.   A PTA mom in the early evening to a slinky hot mama at night for the man you love!!!  WHOA!!!  Seriously, you can give your man a blonde on Monday and a Redhead on Tuesday and so on and so forth!!!  Catch my drift?   Ahhhh….  Variety is the spice of life as they say!  As divatress says, “Be a diva!”

Shop the amazing selection of wigs on line in any color and including hair care products on Divatress today and create your next silky, stylish look for tomorrow… or why wait!  There’s such a wide variety in every color, and style you can imagine, and at every day low prices and they even have trial and travel sizes for the hair care products etc!  Such a variety of products for the Diva within you!  Oh yes, and they even have a Clearance section too.  Oh my gosh, a place on line after my own heart! Now is that cool or what?  It will be such fun… sort of window shopping up and down the aisle…. ooops….. I mean pages!  ~snicker~ Become that woman you really want to be and that seductress Diva you know you could be and would really like to be at night!!!

As they say show up in style and even a blonde today or a brunette tomorrow!  So many beauty products to see… hair care such as shampoos, conditioners, oils and make-up, lotions and such a variety that will astound you!!!  So sit yourself down, get yourself a nice cup of hot coffee and cuddle up to that computer and let yourself go to become that inner beauty diva you know is buried within you!   Oh, and you guys out there there’s some for you too…  Have fun at …   I DID!!!!



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By Marie Moody

Married to my Soulmate. Mother of 4, grandmother of 12, and great-grandmother of 2 and owner of 1 demanding black lab & I'm a retired Legal Assistant & pianist. I am also on disability due to Spinal Stenosis. I am now a blogger which I love very much & it keeps me busy & I also enjoy crocheting.


  1. Marie,

    You’re a beautiful gal but look at you, you’re even prettier with your auburn locks! 😀 Thinning hair happens, doesn’t it? I have very fine hair and when my hormones dipped after my hysterectomy my hair thinned a lot. I think this might be the problem for many women. Thankfully, getting plugged into a good hormone replacement therapy fixed this problem for the now but…I know there will come a time that even that won’t be enough. I appreciate you sharing Divatress wigs with your readers. They have a very nice looking website and huge product line, even “real” hair wigs. I think that’s what I’d like to try whenever I feel the need to spruce up my appearance. Hair volume does make a person look more youthful and I imagine it gives one his/her confidence back again. In my grandmother’s later years her hair was extremely thin and she felt ugly. My uncle’s wife got her a pretty wig and it lit up her face! Divatress is sure to do the same thing for elderly woman and woman suffering hair loss due to medical reasons. Thanks for sharing such a nice product with us! By the way, you look all the prettier with your auburn locks

  2. Omg, I can have a new hair color and style everyday without even cutting or coloring my hair! Awesome. I could change my hair to match my outfit. So cool great idea

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