#Splashbrands – Clever me MemoVase (Beta) – 8″ Ceramic Flower Vase with Detachable Bamboo Whiteboard Review

Are you ALWAYS looking for the “PERFECT PRESENT”?

Well my friend, you just found it!!!   Nope, not kidding you at all!  This vase is made from white ceramics and measures about 8″ in height. The whiteboard can be used with any standard whiteboard marker (one black marker is already included) and erased with a dry paper towel.  You can even find this product on facebook.

This is a heart-shaped 8-inch white ceramic flower vase with detachable whiteboard made from sustainable bamboo.  It’s designed, engineered and assembled in the USA (made from US and global materials.  I mainly love this vase because of it’s changeable features.  I personally am giving one to my daughter to celebrate buying her first home!  It’s strong Neodymium magnets securely snap whiteboard into place; whiteboard can be used with any standard whiteboard marker (one black marker included) and can be erased with a dry paper towel.   So double and triple neat and fantastic great idea.  Now I’m probably going to end up buying one for my home so I can change that message whenever I want and with whatever I want!  Why didn’t someone think of this long ago!  What a great idea!  As you can see I decorated mine for Christmas!  Well, come on now…. you’re at XmasDolly’s!!!  What did you expect?  EASTER???  🙂   hahahaha!

Also, it’s U.S. and international patents pending and it’s a perfect present for birthdays, weddings, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day and so much more like even the days of the week and whatever you’d like to put on there like a reminder note…   pull the meat out of the freezer at 11:00 a.m.  or “DON’T FORGET MY BIRTHDAY”!!!  Come on now people you know this is a very clever idea and I don’t think one person will not like it as a gift under their tree or whenever!  I’m giving mine to my baby girl as a housewarming present for buying her very own townhouse!  Pretty cool, huh?  See in the front of this heart shape vase is the pen that comes with it that you use to write on it in the middle.  Want to change it?  Just get a paper towel and wipe it off and start all over again!  It’s just too awesome!

You can get your very own at Amazon.com too!  Hurry and check it out!!!

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By Marie Moody

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