It’s Spring! WOO HOO! WW

#AtoZChallenge:  Entertainment (reviews and critiques on performing arts: (film, TV, theater and dance music).

and for my choice for “D” today it is:   and my choice is: Dani & Lizzy – Dancing in the Sky!   I was only going to put one, but this is a good one too! How about “Desperado” by Linda Ronstadt.. watch… it’ll getcha!!!  So cool! Check this out…  



Welcome Spring Equinox

Oh my goodness!  Shame on me!  I missed the first day of Spring, so I apologize for misleading you all.  So therefore, I did a little more work than usual and I found some really good stuff to share.  Hope you like it.  Let’s get right down to it.  I found a few tidbits on line and I thought I’d share with you.

Our ancient ancestors were keenly aware of the sun’s path across the sky throughout the year. In fact, there are multiple ancient sites that were built in relation to equinoxes. The Old Farmer’s Almanac states that the Mayans built the Chichen Itza pyramid around AD 1,000 in such a way that when the vernal equinox occurred, the shadow cast from the sun would create a serpent-like figure on the pyramid.

Crowds still flock annually to the ancient temple to see the spring snakes take form during the equinox.

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  1. I am a big fan of Linda Ronstadt especially her song ” Long, Long Time”, Have you heard Karen Carpenter”s version of Desperado? Love that one too.

    Happy WW, sweet lady!

  2. Marie,

    “Dancing in the Sky” is new to me but “Desperado” is a classic oldie! Interesting tidbit about the ancient ancestors building pyramids in relationship to the equinox. This would be cool to see first hand. What a marvel for that time. Happy A2Zing, dearie!

  3. Dancing in the Sky is new to me too, I used to love Desperado still do

    I like the photo and learnt something new too thanks Marie your a gem heheh!

    Have a tanfastic week and give Chariie a pat for me, and don’t do anything I would (just a reminder) 🙂

    1. Yes, it was new to me too, but it’s kinda catchy! Glad you liked the learn something new.. it was new to me too! ~Ahhhhhhhhh ya learn something new every day is a good thing! Charlie says, “WOOF”, and hold on to your stuff or I’ll chew it up”! ~snicker~

  4. Linda Ronstadt is fine, but I guess because she dated our moonbeam governor back then, I have something against her. I especially remember the dating stuff even though I was still just a kid. Look what governor moonbeam is doing to the state now.

    I can tell it is spring here. We reached 100 degrees on Easter. I hope that isn’t a prelude to what summer is going to be like.

  5. That is cool info! Spring is here, but it still cold and rainy. One day the sun will come out for more than hour intervals at a time! Have a great week 🙂

    1. Ohhhhh worra worra….. we woke up to snow… As I said I think Mother Nature is going through menopause… she is definitely off her cycle! ~snicker-snicker~

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