Apr 122018

I think I have a couple of good ones for you today, and let’s get right down to it!  So how about we start out with the king…. “Lion King” that is!!! “Lion Sleeps Tonight”

Up next we have

Disney Frozen:

up next is kind of a fun one how about “Little Shop of Horrors”!


I hope you enjoyed my pickings!!!  Have a wonderful day!  HUGS

  5 Responses to “Blogging from A to Z and today is “L”!”


    I did enjoy your video picks. Just swinging over to say hello and see your latest post. 🙂 It’s almost officially the weekend, woohoo!!


    those are all great choices. I hope you have a nice weekend!


    I so enjoyed the flashmob video. Les Miserables has some wonderful music in it. As far as the “Lion Sleeps Tonight” I loved the Tokens version from my childhood.


    Entertaining choices!



    “Lion Sleeps Tonight” is a great tune made a bit laughable in the kids’ animated film The Lion King. I appreciate the smiles this morning and thank you for visiting iPad Art Sketch ‘L’ is for Lamppost on Friday. I’m playing catch up this morning. Have a great week and happy A2Zing!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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