Apr 202018

My pick for today is the letter “R” ! Sorry I’m a little late, but duty calls as I have appointments today, but I’ll be back to come and see each and every one of you!  Now enjoy because today was a whole lot of fun.  My first up is “THE RIVERDANCE“!  WOO HOO!  HUGS & ENJOY!


Next is the theme from “Rocky” (I named my youngest son after this guy!  bwahahahaha  Nahhhhhh just pullin’ your leg I actually named him after my godfather and his name is Robert and we call him “ROCKY“!

Up next is the Rocky Horror Picture Show I can’t help, but laugh even when I think about it!!! ENJOY!  bwahahahaha:

So, you all know who this is right?  Yep, that’s MEATLOAF!  Dang, he’s young there isn’t he?  Well, it was a great show and I’ve never gone to see it, but I here it’s a lot of fun!  ENJOY!  There’s many tunes in this show, but I really like Meatloaf… ENJOY!!!

Next Rockin’ Roll Baby by the Stylistics!

Last, but not least our last “R” tune is “Rollin’ Blues Brothers” in “Rawhide“!

Have a great day and don’t forget to leave a comment to let me know you were here and I can come visit you too!  The sun is shining and I’m off to my doctor’s appointment!  PEACE, LOVE AND HARMONY AND MOST IMPORTANT PRAISE THE LORD!  TAKE CARE EVERYONE BECAUSE I CARE!  HAVE A GREAT DAY!  hugs


  3 Responses to “Blogging from A to Z and today is “R”!”


    Rawhide by the Blues Brothers is a favorite of mine! And the Rocky Horror Picture Show – I have never seen it.



    Riverdance is always so in step. How do so many dancers do that? Blues Brothers is just a fun movie and them singing ‘Rawhide’ always makes me smile. Have a rock n’ roll good time this weekend, my friend!

    ~Curious as a Cathy
    A2Z iPad Art Sketch ‘R’ for Rocks


    These were really fun, Marie. Dancin’ to Riverdance – and singing to one of my favorite TV theme songs of all time. Puts me in the mood to say dang it….I want to throw my hat into the ring for Conductor for a Month! Yah, Rawhide!!!!!!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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