It’s Spring WW! A2V is for Victory… almost done!!!!

#AtoZChallenge:  Entertainment (reviews and critiques on performing arts: (film, TV, theater and dance music).

  and for my choice:  Love this one cuz I got a couple of good ones for you! First one is  Stevie Ray Vaughan Voodoo Child Live In Nashville! Up next is: Vincent by Don Mclean 

and lastly, but certainly not least is the King himself in “Viva Las Vegas” by Elvis Presley!


Welcome Spring Equinox

 My son Anthony.. he works so hard, and then he came over to help his mama!!!  He’s such a good boy and we got all my garden stuff, and porch stuff out in front because Mother Nature has woke up and Spring has finally arrived….  WOO HOO!  

My Jade plant is doing famously and I have another right next to this one including my cactus and every day I pull up the blinds so they can get tons of sunshine!!!



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By Marie Moody

Married to my Soulmate. Mother of 4, grandmother of 12, and great-grandmother of 2 and owner of 1 demanding black lab & I'm a retired Legal Assistant & pianist. I am also on disability due to Spinal Stenosis. I am now a blogger which I love very much & it keeps me busy & I also enjoy crocheting.


  1. I love the Jade plant! My husband’s started some planting. I’m not really too into it with all my allergies. He does a ton of work though. I make meals and do the dishes, while he’s outside.

  2. It’s been spring here too. Lovely. It’s going to chill back up tomorrow, but we’ve enjoyed the spring the last few days,

    You’re in my prayers for your tests. ♥

  3. Aww! nice pics Marie 🙂

    It’s been quite warm here in London but back to normal now cool grey and drizzle LOL

    Have a hugtastic day Marie and remember don’t plant anything I would 😉

  4. Marie,

    I wish I had thought to share Don Mclean’s ‘Vincent’. That fits purrfectly with my A2Z theme. 🙂 How sweet of your son to come help his mama. That’s what a good boy does, helps his mama! I’m ready for pretty blue skies to return. It’s been such a wet week. Victory is beckoning our names. Let’s cross that finish line together, shall we? 😉 Happy A2Zing, my friend!

    ~Curious as a Cathy
    A2Z iPad Art Sketch ‘V’ Victorian Lady

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