May 292018


Welcome Spring Equinox

My great – grandson… he’s so cute…. and above is his sister… Aren’t they adorable! I’m sorry I didn’t ask if I could use names so I’ve decided to leave them off for now… we’ll see next time, but they’re so cute!!!!





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So these above three (3) pictures represent something called pig tails under the roof of my car that either a mouse or a squirrel decided to dine on the other night.  I hate squirrels.  They’re just rats with tails.  Grrr

Also, my shawl is not finished because of this rodent.  I’m extremely angry at the moment because I just heard what the bill for this is going to be.  NICE!!!!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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  19 Responses to “It’s Springtime… finally!!! WW”


    Aww! they are both very cute heheh!

    Crikey that squirrel/mouse has left a mess, I hope you get it sorted 🙁

    Sorry to hear about the shawl I am sure you will get it sorted

    Have a tanfastical week Marie and stay away from squirrels 🙂


      My friend, I have not heard that word “Crikey” since I was a little girl and it brought back many fond memories of my gramps.. You’re duh best Steve-O ! My great-grandchildren are so adorable aren’t they? Love em’ to pieces. As far as my SIL shawl. I’m on the last row, but the yarn I’m using for that is slippery and it’s also a difficult stitch! 🙁 Thanks anyway! I ATE SQUIRRELS AND MEACES TO PIECES… GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR SQUIRRELS AS I ALWAYS SAY ARE JUST RATS WITH TAILS… GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR They’re gonna cost me SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much money. Car won’t start without this part I’m told… it’s called some kinda pig something or other… grrrrrr


    Your grandkids are super adorable!
    Crikey! What a mess! !

    Happy WW, Marie!


    Darn those squirrels! You wouldn’t think engine would taste good.



    Squirrels can cause a lot of problems. They’ll chew through power lines or at least the insulation. Mice are horrible for gnawing away at stuff. I remember one year we had some in the house and they chewed through my close hamper and destroyed a couple of my turtle necks and a crocheted blanket a friend of my late MIL made for DD#1. I was so torched off! I sat up glue traps all over the place, eventually catching them all. Happy WW!


    Yup, your in a squirrely area. This year has been a big year for rats and mice for us. The old rat zapper that I got to review is not working as well anymore. We got a mouse in our car. Ripped up all of my paper napkins in the glove compartment and started making a nest in there. Gr…Gone now.


    I found evidence of a mouse in the glove box of my car. If it had run out at me while I was driving I would have freaked!!!!!!


    They are cute! I love the smile on the “one spoiled” face. 🙂 I miss that age!


    Awww the little ones are more than adorable.

    Yikes on your car. I’m guessing fixing this won’t be cheap.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥


      Yes, I’ve never heard it that way, but I love it. They are more than adorable.. thank you so much! No, it won’t be cheap I’m thinking, but a friend is fixing it and so far he’s looking for the part in a junk yard which is cool on price, and all he wants in payment is my Lasagna. ~hehehe~ For that price I’ll feed him here and give him a pan to take home too. Guess what his shop is called… “My Wife’s Mechanic”! hahaha Isn’t that precious??? You have a great WW too my friend! hugs


    Beautiful grand kids. Lovely pics. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful rest of the week.


    Omg!!! I cannot believe they ate your car. I swear if they eat my new car. I’ll shoot everyone one of them. Omg this soooo just kills me that this could happen. Your car isn’t same anywhere. I’m terrified that this could happen to me. I just dont know what I would do.


    Oh no! I feel for you about the squirrels. Two years I had mice that had gotten into some mini chocolate bars and hoarded them all under the hood of my car. There was chocolate melted everywhere in my air filter and what a mess! Stupid rodents!


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