Jun 152018

This recipe started out with a layer of bacon, which is still there, but it should’ve been cooked first to be crispy but I didn’t know until everything was all put together sooooooooooooo cook yours first!!!  Oh and not sure if they cooked it in the oven or the frying pan because it looked crispy to me… so does the oven do that???  Or the frying pan?  hmmmm yes, the frying pan I’m guessing, but that’s up to you!  So anyway…………











This little lady taught me how to cook… all the way from Palermo, Sicily, my NaNa



  4 Responses to “XmasDolly Live! Today I’m bringing you a “Moody Surprise”!”


    Yummy. You’re having a red letter day today. I’m so happy for you and hubby. I’ve been doing the happy dance since you left your good news on my blog earlier.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Marie. Bib hugs. ♥


      Oh yes, I did tell you didn’t I? WOO HOO… HAPPY DANCE IS RIGHT!!! I cannot begin to tell you how relieved we both are…. woo hoo!!! And thank you so much! HUGS.


    That looks really yummy. Thanks for sharing


    I love baking meals because after the initial prep, you just toss it in the oven for half an hour and don’t really have to monitor it.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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