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We actually went to see this movie this past Sunday.  This was definitely awesome!  The man that played Freddie Mercury was PERFECT for the part.  The movie was definitely not disappointing.  In fact, (shhhhhh) both my husband and I DID shed a tear!  The movie was absolutely incredible and I loved the way they told the story and how they ended the movie.  The ending was definitely in good taste.  You really have to have an open mind and know at least a little about what happened and how Mr. Mercury died to really understand what was happening!  Totally loved it!!!  This movie definitely DID NOT disappoint!  They couldn’t have picked a better person to play Freddie Mercury either!  Superb!





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  1. Glad you both enjoyed the film Marie, every review I have read has been good hope you didn’t run out of tissues because that is something I would do heheh!

    Hope all is OK with you Marie have a Bohemiunrhapsodytastic week 🙂

  2. We went to see it right away. My son Mica loved Queen last year at 12; now he’s 13 and it’s last years band for him. Ha! We all enjoyed it though. Certainly for any generation if we all liked it. I kind of wished they would have shown Queen & David Bowie – Under Pressure song. I love that one. Otherwise it was great!

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