Rug Gripper – Outdoor Rug Gripper Carpet Gripper Anti Slip Anti Curling Renewable for Indoor Outdoor Review!

My New Rug Gripper!  WOW, I’ve been looking for one of these all over because my rug likes to slip and slide for sure!  Now first of all let me tell you you can get this little beauty at   Yep, on Amazon and this product finally works!  I’m having trouble with my camera, but I shall have photos and possibly a video a little bit later!  PROMISE!  All I know is that a sliding rug drives me crazy no matter where it’s at indoors or outdoors!  Come on you know it drives you crazy too, right?


Area rug gripper is made of premium renewable gel material that will not leave any sticky residue on your floor when you want to remove the bathroom carpet fixture.It is safty and effective for any hardwood-tile ceramic, linoleum, hardwood, laminate, reinforced composite wood etc.  Works great outdoor rugs too!

Seeeeeee easy as pie!  I loves mine immensely and you’ll love yours too!  These rug grippers are securely clamped to the floor and immediately flatten the curled carpet corners, preventing the carpet from slipping and sliding over the floor, which will keep your carpet in place. It is an ideal replacement for rug pad, rug tape, carpet tape and other carpet underlayments . Keep wrinkled rugs and mats from tripping guests and yourself, and that’s the greatest thing about this product and so, so easy to install!  My rug always, always curls up and if anyone knows me I walk with a cane due to a very bad back & recent surgery and my front-room throw rug stayed flat and is fine as wine!  WOO HOO

More pics and video to follow!  Have a great day!

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By Marie Moody

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  1. I need some of these. I hate sliding around on my rugs and I won’t buy the non-skid rugs as you wash them twice and then they fall apart in the washer.

    Have a fabulous day and week, honey. Love you. ♥

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