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Hope you had a great weekend!  As SANTA’S HELPERS we got here on our POLAR EXPRESS LUVIN’ TRAIN!  HO HO HO, and as the Conductor of this CHRISTMAS TRAIN let me do introductions.  I’m Head Elf, XmasDolly (Marie or you can just call me Dolly!).  My co-elves are:  Stacy of Stacy Uncorked & Elf Co-Conductor Cathy of Curious as a Cathy♥ with all her beautiful mewsic & SHE IS MY BFF Co-Elf Conductor & stands in for me from time to time!  LOVE HER!  She has done a great job for me these last couple of months while I was out having some serious major surgery cuz she’s THE BEST… LOVE YOU GIRL…, Conductor, & ♥ Alana of Ramblin’ with AM♥,  she’s our latest Elf Co-Conductor!  Also we still have Our Callie of JAmerican Spice♥, IS TAKING A SEMI-HIATUS !  She’ll be popping in an out for a while ♥♥APPLAUSE!♥♥♥ 

DO U WANT 2 B A HONORARY CONDUCTOR & GET TO CHOOSE THEMES FOR A MONTH, (except for freebie wks.) & leave a comment on all blogs who sign in to our ROCK & ROLL JAM!  Let me know if you’d like 2 give it a WHIRL & I’ll make it happen!  Email me @ xmasdolly at comcast dot net !  This is all on your own & your decision.  No pressure & no waiting in line! We’re NOT taking turns!  It’s all up to you & just let me know or one of the other conductors & I shall give u a month to shine!  We’re working on February & April 2019 right now, so let me know when you’d like to give it a go!!!


  NOTHING, BUT FUN HERE AT XmasDolly’s Monday’s Music Moves Me!  

ALL ABOARD OUR POLAR EXPRESS CHRISTMAS TRAIN!  We’re eager to greet you at the station and ready to blog hop to meet new followers and F-O-L-L-O-W   U, as soon as you can get here, and leave us your link!   Don’t forget to sign our linky, leave a comment, and say MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Sorry we don’t say Happy Holidays here!  So MERRY CHRISTMAS my dearest friends!  If you cannot abide by that then I’m sorry I don’t apologize for what I believe in, and have a nice day!

We do ask you to SIGN OUR LINKY,  follow us & your neighbor, and leave us a luvin’ comment. So, let’s go CAROLING!  LITTLE LOUDER PLEASE I CAN’T HEAR YOU!  FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA   So without further ado let’s Jingle all the Way to the next song!  LET’S ROCK AROUND THAT CHRISTMAS TREE and JINGLE SOME BELLS, AND HANG OUT UNDER THE MISTLETOE!  

So, here’s the RULES:

       Run over to You Tube, & lock & load!   The theme for the whole month of December is Christmas Music or anything to do with Christmas, but if you are a humbugger or Happy Hanukkah … you may put up anything you like. We aim to please!  🙂   Now, venture out by clicking on Fellow Rockin’ bloggers posted on our Linky or bring some back to join us!  Drag them back a kickin’ and a hollarin’ who cares, just bring them back!!!   ~snicker-snicker~!
PICK A TUNE, GRAB OUR  BUTTON, FOLLOW US, SIGN MC LINKY, AND GET OUT TO FIND FELLOW ROCKERS AND BRING THEM BACK! will pick the partners to showcase next month’s “Monday’s Music Moves Me” SPOTLIGHT DANCE!  WOO HOO!  I will e-mail you, & let you know, so please  leave your e-mail address where I can find it or leave it in a comment below & I’ll make note of it this time or for next.  I shall not give it out to anyone!!!  Santa’s Elf Promise!!!


By Marie Moody

Married to my Soulmate. Mother of 4, grandmother of 12, and great-grandmother of 2 and owner of 1 demanding black lab & I'm a retired Legal Assistant & pianist. I am also on disability due to Spinal Stenosis. I am now a blogger which I love very much & it keeps me busy & I also enjoy crocheting.


  1. Marie,

    How are you doing after your recent shot? I saw on FB that you got some immediate relief. I hope that’s still the case. I sent ya the linky code last week. It might have gotten lost in the slush of incoming emails. That’s what usually happens on my end. lol Anyhow, fabulous songs. You and I are on the same page with “It’s a Marshmallow World”. 🙂 Have a joyful week, dearie! XO

    1. So, my back is doing well, just have to be careful & not overdo! I sent you & email telling you about it last night my friend! You sent me a linky… didn’t I use the right one last week? hmmmm Do I have the right one today? I’ll tell ya girlfriend my memory is SHOT! Plus I use to have a real good judgment in picking our people and other things & now I suck! 🙁 I HATE getting old… ;( Thank you so much for all your help. I cannot begin to thank you! HUGS Yes, Marshmallow World was a favorite of my Mom’s too and how Dean & Frank danced around when they sang this same song together. hahaha~ MERRY CHRISTMAS, girlfriend & my sista from another mutha! HUGS

    1. Can’t wait to see whatcha got for me next week, Alex! Yep, that giant bear I thought was a real hoot & what a surprise, right? Nope, I surely wouldn’t have left the window open no matter how far away I was, but if you look closely there is a wire fence between them and I think a long ditch, but not very deep. Merry Christmas my friend!

  2. You’ve got some classic baritone crooners going on here. Most of our “Classic Christmas Songs” came from this time frame and the crooners. Nicely done.

  3. Dean Martin was always such a wiseguy. I never missed his show, and you cn see why.

    Frank and Bing sounded pretty good together, didn’t they?

    I like how Elvis did one side of secular soings and the other of religious songs. He was an excellent gospel singer and an overall good guy. Like I always say, his mama raised him right.

    Good set!

    1. Hey John, We never missed a show either. My Gram & Mom was totally in love with Dean and I loved his antics. haha They made us all happy. Even my dad liked Dean’s show… but probably for the girls I’m sure. hahaha Yes, Frank & Dean were good together they even did a movie together with Grace when they were younger. Well, as far as Elvis he was a great gospel singer and I believe because of his mom wasn’t it? He truly loved his mama and even bought her a Cadillac & guess what color that was… hahaha! MERRY CHRISTMAS, JOHN! hugs

  4. I love them all. I’ve not heard A Marshmallow World. Awesome.

    I linked this post to Awww Mondays because of that waving bear.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Marie. Love you. ♥

    1. Awwww Hello my Friend! So happy you like my tunes and you have NOT hear of Marshmallow World???? Oh my GOSH!!!! That song is infamous with Dean & Frank singin’ it & dancin’ around! hahaha~ You have to look it up on You Tube & watch! You’ll love it. HUGS… Luv U 2~~ Always!!!

  5. I did Hanukkah songs last week, and this week I’m doing ‘Offensive’ Christmas songs – being that Baby its Cold Outside is all over the news. So stop by and listen to some non-offensive offensive Christmas tunes! I might go tongue-in-cheek again next week, but not sure. You’ll have to stop in to find out 🙂

  6. My mother loved Frank Sinatra so much and it was nice hearing him teamed with one of my favs, Bing Crosby. But my favorite of all these was the first, with Dean Martin and A Marshmallow World. It’s been YEARS since this elf has heard the song. The Carrie Underwood video was unavailable – definitely some one was not feeling the Christmas spirit!

  7. Hey, it’s only Tuesday – how come I don’t see any music up above? Hmmm… I tried another browser, but for some reason your tunes are AWOL, my friend! I’ll be back to dance – just wanted to give you a heads up! 🙂 Hope you’re having a great week!

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