A to Z…………………. today is “J”!

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#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter J


Hi Everyone, and today is the day for the letter “J”, and I’m not going to bore you with a bunch of small talk so let’s get right down to my songs and one movie with the letter “J”! 

And just a few tunes for you… first one is by Jamie Fox…  



 The Brian Setzer Orchestra – Jump Jive An Wail                                                                                                                                                              Just like Jesse James by Cher




Have a great day!

I truly hope you enjoyed yourself!

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By Marie Moody

Married to my Soulmate. Mother of 4, grandmother of 12, and great-grandmother of 2 and owner of 1 demanding black lab & I'm a retired Legal Assistant & pianist. I am also on disability due to Spinal Stenosis. I am now a blogger which I love very much & it keeps me busy & I also enjoy crocheting.


  1. Marie,

    You’re no jive turkey with this juicy J-song set. ‘All That Jazz’ has to be my fave here this morning. We caught “Chicago” on Netflix several years ago and was surprised by how much we liked the production. The mewsic is great, too.

    Join me for my next A2Z Little Mermaid art sketch edition with Flotsom & JETSOM!

  2. Love all that jazz. I’ve not heard that in a very long time.

    I won’t be around much this weekend. On a yacht club cruise.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, honey. Love you bunches. ♥

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