Spring is in The Air! WW



     SPRING 2019 


My great-granddaughter Daniella
Happy Easter Na-Nee!
Also, if you remember this is also my granddaughter
Tatyanna’s little girl.
Now please one more think this is AnneMarie my Angelina’s Godmother and my cousin that I grew up with.
She has Lung Cancer.  I would like to ask for prayers for her if you don’t  mind.  She seems to be holding her own, but just to make sure she keeps doing it, please pray for her.
Thank you so very much! (Annie has the scarf & the other is her baby sister.
Spring bird bath
Stacy Uncorked

                                      HAVE A GREAT DAY!  KEEPING WEARING THAT SMILE!b2d Wordless Wednesday

And now to start with “U”!!!

A fun movie called, “UP”! by Disney 

And how about a couple of tunes… and we’ll start off with Under the Boardwalk by  the Drifters 

Us & Them by Pink Floyd  Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars  

Up Up and Away by the Fifth Dimension  


baby kiss
Xmas Dolly — Where it’s like Christmas everyday!
I truly hoped you enjoyed your time here at XmasDolly’s!  Thanks & have a great day!  HUGS~


By Marie Moody

Married to my Soulmate. Mother of 4, grandmother of 12, and great-grandmother of 2 and owner of 1 demanding black lab & I'm a retired Legal Assistant & pianist. I am also on disability due to Spinal Stenosis. I am now a blogger which I love very much & it keeps me busy & I also enjoy crocheting.


  1. Aww… such sweet little baby’s and beautiful Granddaughter <3 Loved the music, especially Pink Floyd, another great band that Granny loves. Us and them is also one of Granny's favourite songs. So sorry for Annie. Will send Healing Pawkisses and Purrayers especially for her <3 Pawkisses for a Happy Wednesday

  2. Aww! how cute is your new great granddaughter heheh!

    It’s good that your cousin is holding her own she must be very brave my mother had it too, my very best wishes to AnnMarie and all the best 🙂

    Oh and I mustn’t forget to remind you not to do anything I would have a good week Marie and now I am gonna play your vids I remember watching Fifth Dimension on TV singing that when I was much younger (I am only 21 now) 😉

  3. Marie,

    Your little great-granddaughter is such a sweetie! I know you’re a proud gr8 grandma. 🙂 Is this the cousin you mentioned to me in email? Don’t worry, my friend. I’m praying for AnneMarie. God is in charge of her life. I remember Fifth Dimension ‘Up & Away’ – such a cheery song, isn’t it? Happy WW & a2zing, my friend!

  4. Aw, on the babies. They are such joys.

    Prayers for Annie.

    Up, up and Away. Awesome.

    I’ve linked you to my Wordless Wednesday.

    Have a fabulous WW honey. Love you bunches. ♥

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