Oct 092019

If money really did grow on trees, what would be everyone’s favorite season? Fall.

What did the tree say to autumn? Leaf me alone.


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Curious as a Cathy



My beautiful great-granddaughter “Daniella”!

My granddaughter Tatyanna the "Birthday Girl - 21"! She's Daniella's Mommy!   Image result for A HALLOWEEN BIRTHDAY

It’s Daniella’s Mommy’s birthday today.  Tatyanna is 21!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!



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Oh my gosh, looks who’s lurking around!


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  12 Responses to “Autumn is here! WW”


    I liked the photos Marie aww look at Charlie heheh!

    Loved the quotes heheh! I think I’m off for therapy just don’t do anything I would 🙂

    Have a hugtastic week Marie and stay warm too 🙂


    Tell her happy birthday from me!


    Happy Birthday to Daniella! Such a great photo of you two together!


      Thanks so much, Alissa… you have a great day too! By the way, it’s not Daniella’s birthday she’s my great-granddaughter. It’s her mom my granddaughter Tatyanna who just turned 21, and her daughter is Daniella. Thank you though!


    Happy Birthday to Tatyanna!


    Happy Birthday to Tatyanna!! Love, love, love the photographs you shared. Ooo, I see charlie!

    Have a fabulous Thursday, bestest buddy!


    Happy birthday Tatyanna. God bless you abundantly. And big hug chugs to your cute ball of mush, Daniella.

    The autumn quotes were hilarious and the pictures lovely, Marie.

    Have a beautiful, blessed week my dear friend. xoxox
    Big hugs and big love <3


    You got some good ones but I LOVE, love, love the putting it on the porch and giving it a beer!


    I had to put that on my Facebook page with the tagline, “You know who you are.” Is that picture from Gran Tornino?


    If money grew on trees, it wouldn’t be worth picking up the fall bills. An economic nightmare, but a cute meme none-the-less. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. It’s been all business with my blog these days. I usually post once a week on Tuesdays, but since Fire prevention had started, I posted early. Maybe I need to continue on Mondays to join you. However, I don’t know how the themes would work with my posts. Thanks for the warm welcome back!


    Charlie is adorable! Thanks for the Fall funnies. Wishing you a great week, Marie!

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