Jun 032020



“Fox River” near my home! Guess it needs a bit of water, huh?


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And don't it feel good? HEY! Alright now.” #Gators #funny #smile ... 





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  18 Responses to “Spring is in the Air! WW”


    I liked the cute photos Marie, hope all is going well for you but most of all I hope you don’t do anything I would like brushing your teeth whilst eating a ginger nut biscuit 😯

    Have a safetastical week and stay safe


    That peek a boo photo is pretty funny! Happy Wednesday.


    Lovely images! Especially the dog and the cats!
    Happy WW and all the best!


    Thanks for hosting. Have a great day! XO


    Thanks for the lighthearted photos. Love the peek-a-boo. And that dog!


    Love them all. So cute.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. Love you bunches, honey. ♥


    Fox River may be a bit short on water, but it sure looks good to me! Hope your all safe.


    That dog is silly!


    OMG, that dog, ROTFLMAO! I’ve seen two, maybe three balls in a dogs mouth, hahaha. So that’s the same Fox River that’s in WI, right?


    The fox river does need some water. Hope it will get it soon.


    Love them all, but the boxer dog made me laugh loudest!


    I like the peek-a-boo image.

    Once libraries open back up, you’ll have to check out A Raisin in the Sun. It’s an old movie. It’s so good!


    Love the cute photos, Marie. That dog is so funny!


    And I thought my Benny was bad about too many toys in the mouth. I’m stealing this one for Facebook.


    Such fun pictures! Hope you are having a great June so far.


    Sweet photos. Thanks for sharing. I hope that you have a wonderful week.


    So happy to have spring arrive! Great photos- especially the smiling dog with all the tennis balls and the kitty being pawsome! Cheers!


    Sweet Marie,

    A bit late to your party. But you have been in my thoughts.
    In case you don’t see my response to your comment on my blog post:

    Are you feeling better? Is the pain less.

    Hope you feel better soon. Sometimes going to too many doctors just complicates things further.

    Maybe resting it out more and doing gentle exercises and allow the pain to heal on it’s own may help. Have you tried talking to your pain? Works wonders. No I’m not nuts, LOL, it is also one of the ways to heal what is causing the pain and to release it.

    Lovely post of a lovely countryside and all the cats are just awwww.

    Sending you love, and happy healing thoughts. Big Love <3

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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