Aug 112020


Back down dirt bag! This ain’t no Jurassic Park!!!

FUNNY…. Wordless Wednesday!

b2d Wordless WednesdayMake Me Laugh : NPR




Can you find the culprit? hahaha – too cute!

Wordless Wednesday at Create With Joy


                               Bye, Bye THANKS FOR STOPPING BY & HAVE A NICE DAY!   

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  11 Responses to “Happy Summer Days! WW”


    Hi Marie hope all is tickety boo there we have been having a heatwave it’s been so hot and muggy it’s unbearable and I think I’m going nuts more than I usually am 🙂

    I liked all the cute and funny memes Marie thanks for the laughs and awws

    BUT please don’t do anything I would, like sitting in a cold bath eating brussel sprouts covered in custard singing “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts”…….there, you have been warned 🙂

    Have a sproutlesstastic week and stay safe



    How did things go at your doctor appointment? I hope it wasn’t too terrible for you, darlin’! Great funny memes – loved the first one of the cat waking up for a day full of mischief. 😀 Thanks for hosting the mid-week fun. Have a wonderfully WILD WEDNESDAY, my dear! {{hugs}}


    Love all the funnies and yes I found the culprit that caused that mess. That little one isn’t fooling anyone.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. Love you bunches, Marie. ♥


    Cute funnies. Have a great day! Thanks for hosting. XO


    Woke up early this morning fjom smelling smoke again. Don’t see any smoke clouds outside. Must’ve been someone burning his trash.


    Happy Wordless Wednesday!! These are all just so funny. We love stopping by your blog today. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful rest of your day.


    Dog days of summer for sure. – Margy


    Loved all your funnies as always, especially the first two cats.


    My son Mica’s birthday was on Monday. He was supposed to be starting school, but last minute they changed the start date and are going remote. Maybe it’s better that way. He got a room makeover, for his birthday.

    I’m excited in one way…my sister is due to have her baby this month.

    Happy Summer!


    Pretty Happy Summer Day photo.


    Thanks for hosting and summer has hit here in the SF Bay Area as we are in a serious heat wave with temps in 90’s and 100’s.

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