Aug 192020


FUNNY…. Wordless Wednesday!

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b2d Wordless Wednesday



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SEEEEEEE……………. I TOLD YOU I MET BETTY BOOP!!!! hahahaha @Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida!!! Woo Hoo! FUN TIMES!!!

Wordless Wednesday at Create With Joy


                                                                            Bye, Bye THANKS FOR STOPPING BY & HAVE A NICE DAY!   

baby kiss

  13 Responses to “Happy Summer Days! WW”


    LOL these made me giggle especially that horse LOL

    Hope your ok Marie and not doing anything I would like going outside in the pouring rain in a suit and hat with an umbrella dancing and singing in the rain 🙁

    Have a safetastic week

    PS: I added you to my Linkypoplet


    Thanks for the chuckle, And for hosting.Have a great day! XO


    That is a great photo of you and Betty. I bet many younger ones don’t know who she is now.


    I can attest to the fact that breathing with a facemask and glasses can “ruin’ your eyesight. Ha1


    Love all the funnies. The Hot day one made me laugh out loud.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. Love you bunches, Marie. ♥


    Those were fun, fun, fun and we loved the Roger Miller trailer!


    We used to pass a bail bonds office semi-regularly that had full-size Betty Boop in a prisoner’s striped uniform standing outside…


    Yes, we are classic, and older than dirt if we remember Betty Boop cartoons! And that stock pun…the punny bone missed me, has everyone else I know. They all make great puns. I couldn’t make a pun if my life depended on it.


    All those funnies made me laugh, thanks! That is so true when you are wearing a mask.


    You made me laugh you evil genius ! LOL


    Great memes and thanks for sharing the pic of you and Betty Boop.


    You are super fun and funny, Marie!

    Hope to meet you in person someday.



    The Florida sun is sparkling on you my darling girl.
    Be well. Hugs and kisses always.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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