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#Divatress  wigs online!     There are so many #ads and different companies to sway you to use them to make us #beautiful no matter what age you are or want to be, and you can even change your style every single day if that is your wish.  Blonde today and brunette tomorrow!  Such #beauty in the snap of a finger!  Hmmm what or who do I feel like today, and you can do it in the snap of a finger!   For example, let me tell you what happened to me!  I take medication for cholesterol, and it made me lose hair, and a lot of it!   Gobs in my brush and hair falling out on my clothes and not to mention finding it here and there!  I was so very sad and distressed, which didn’t help.   Yeah… can you believe that???  I was at my wits end, and I told my doctor and we switched three times and finally found one where it stopped!  Oooo weeeee “Praise the Lord”, but the damage was done!  Okay, so color me with a sad face!!!  Now, I looked every where and tried everything to get my hair to grow and checked out every #ad I could to help me until one day I decided maybe a wig is not such a ridiculous idea, and I searched the web until one day a friend told me about #Divatress: Lace Front Wigs-Human Hair Wigs-Weave Hairstyles … Hair Blend Wigs · Sensationnel Bump Human Hair Wigs · Short Wigs · Wigs For Mature Women · Lace Part Wigs · U-Part Wigs; Close. +Lace Front Wigs . Close; +Synthetic. Close; Straight · Wavy & Curly; Close. +Remy. Close; Straight · Wavy & Curly; Close. +Human Hair. Close; Straight · Wavy & Curly; Close.   So as they say…  “It’s all in the name”!  A diva is a goddess or queen. ‘Tress’ is a lock of hair. The founders of Divatress selected this name to signify beauty through hair.   Come on all women should feel like a diva, don’t you think so?  Divatress believes whether it’s a full or half wig, remi hair, hair care or beauty products, they seek out the best black hair care products for you, add a pop of color, a braid or ponytail, or even lengthen and shorten your look.  A wide range of wig brands and pricing options will help you accomplish whatever look and style you have in mind.  Totally cool!!!  So, now you ask how did I do all this or how did I know?  Well, come on ladies  it’s all over the internet, but I’m here to tell you…  now jot this one down ladies… the word is “#Divatress”… wigs on line… and so much more!

Now check this out…  they have everything from Sensational Bump Human Hair Wigs to wigs for the Mature Woman like me, and not to mention… (check this out)… braids, weaves, and wigs in all sizes, and lots of lengths and…  ready for this…  in every color imaginable!  REALLY!!!   Now come on pay attention here ladies…  don’t let me waste my time here… you know I’m right!  Well, don’t you?  Now, I’m here to talk to you woman to woman… Girl, you can be queen of the office during the day to queen of the Nile at night.   A PTA mom in the early evening to a slinky hot mama at night for the man you love!!!  You know what I’m talking about… we all want to be beautiful and our husbands wants a clean cut wife during the day, and maybe even out for dinner, but girlfriend let me tell you when you get home and you’re getting ready for bed… hubby wants a total different woman to cuddle up too and you KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT and you can be that woman… truly you can!  Seriously, you can give your man a blonde on Monday and a Redhead on Tuesday and so on and so forth!!!  Catch my drift?   Ahhhh….  Variety is the spice of life as they say!  As divatress says, “Be that diva of his dreams and he’ll love you til the end of his days and yours!” 

Shop the amazing selection of wigs in any color and including hair care products on Divatress today and create your next silky, stylish look for tomorrow… or why wait!  Why not try some crochet hair for example?  

  There’s such a wide variety in every color, and style you can imagine, and at every day low prices and they even have trial and travel sizes for the hair care products etc!  Such a variety of products for the Diva within you!  Oh yes, and they even have a Clearance section too.  Oh my gosh, a place after my own heart!  It will be such fun… sort of window shopping up if you will!  Become the woman you really want to be and that seductress Diva you know you could be!   As they say show up in style and the class young lady that’s in your heart.  So many beauty products to see… hair care such as shampoos, conditioners, oils and make-up, lotions and such a variety that will astound you!!!  So sit yourself down, get yourself a nice cup of hot coffee and cuddle up to that computer and let yourself go to become that inner beauty diva you know is buried within you!   Oh, and you guys out there there’s some for you too besides it’s Christmas for pity sakes!  Santa is going to have tons of fun reading your Christmas list I’m sure!  Have fun at …


You bet your sweet ……………..   I DID!!!!




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Mermaid Adventure Books
Review & Giveaway

5 -Winners

Holiday Contest and Sweeps recently had the pleasure to review the amazing collection
of Mermaid Books from Enchantails. Each book will take your child on a adventure they
will enjoy more than once. Every little girl dreams of mermaids and these books will
expand their imagination even more. Reading is critical in the development of our children
who have become dependent upon their laptop’s, computers and other electronic devices
rather than picking up a book and reading it.

Winner must reside in the Continental United States and be 18+ years of age to be
eligible to win

Let’s Take A Look At Each Book:
Smart, outgoing and artistic, Tasi is much more interested in hunting for treasures and creating art with her Sea Buddy.Copper,the tiger tail seahorse than she is being a Royal
Daughter .But the other merfolk in the Mariana Realm are builders and don’t understand.Tasi’s
talent.. A mermaid named Fan is determined to get Tasi in trouble before she can impress
her father ,the king.Tasi has a chance to prove her gift is more than a silly hobby when a
explosion of lava threatens the Castle.Will she be able to rally the help she needs in time to save
her family from the danger from the deep? Or will Fan succeed in making Tasi look like a fool in front of the entire kingdom?

Lucienne is an adventurous mermaid often forgets she a Royal Daughter.She regularly gets
into trouble for her escapades She tries to relate to the other mermaids of the Grileglas Realm,
but doesn’t feel she fits in.One day she meets a boy named Leo, an outcast in the realm.Leo
belongs to a dangerous merpod of leopard boys who find adventure in seal racing.Lucienne
and Leo thinks their relationship is harmless until Lucienne Sea Buddy, a Gentoo Penguin
named Prince, becomes bait for the next seal race.It’s up to Lucienne to save Prince in time.
Will Leo honor their friendship and help Lucienne? Or will he side with the leopard boys
and allow both of them to become trapped.

Kelani is kind, spirited royal mermaid who seeks out adventures on her secret
island. A deadly adventure interrupts her usual tranquil visits to her hideaway
with her Sea Buddy, Kelki an endangered Maui Dolphin. Uninvited guests discover
her lagoon and begin to destroy the island. Kelani makes an unlikely friendship, and
faces her greatest fear in the form of air-breathers (humans). Can Kelani save her island?
Can she keep her realm a secret? Or, will the air-breathers ruin her island and expose her

Click Here to visit the Enchantails Website for more amazing Mermaid Products
that every little girl would love to own.

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or any other Social Media Networking Site. This giveaway will also be valid in the
Continental United States only. Entrants must be 18+ years of age to enter. This event
will come to an end at 12:00 AM (EST) 12/15/2017

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Holiday Contest and Sweeps did not receive any form of compensation for holding this
giveaway;  Enchantails will be responsible for the awarding and shipping of the prize directly to the winners.

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My oldest daughter Tricia & all her babies aren’t they beautiful. My oldest grandson in the middle there never smiles grrrrrrrrr! lol


This is my first grandson and my second great-granddaughter with her Mommy & Daddy. She’s adorable & I got to hold her! I also didn’t have to cook cuz we went to my brother’s house for dinner! Woo Hoo!!!

Me & my guy… grandson Angelo… I haven’t seen him since last Christmas and I even got him overnight. We had a great time. More pics to come! Isn’t he handsome. That’s my boy!

Our Thanksgiving was great!  Here’s a few pics to share with you!   



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