We ain’t right band

“Music of the Heart”  always makes me feel better when I’m down in the dumps… so let’s see what I can rustle up for ya… Well, how about a little “Werewolves of London” by Warren Zevon !

and now how’s bout a little… “Whitney Houston Live in Washington, D C 2 1997, Now also, did you think I wouldn’t jump at the chance of puttin’ in a plug for my hubby? Yes, the “WE AIN’T RIGHT BAND“! Time (Pink Floyd ala Willie is Singing lead prior accident… who is now at rehab at the best place in downtown Chicago… i.e. University of Chicago) 

Have a WONDERFUL day!  Big Hugs! Hope you enjoyed my “Music from the Heart”!

****Sorry for the delay… was due to I was in the walk in emergency at Dryer Clinic.  My cellulitis is back and they have me on antibiotics now twice a day in hopes there will not be a hospital stay this time.  My legs and feet are swollen twice their size.  A total bummer!  Any extra prayers laying around would be much appreciated for a quick recovery.  Thank you very much!  hugs